Who Are We?

Andrea and Jeff Durham live on a 54 acre farm in northern Greenville County, South Carolina, in the very house Jeff grew up in. During Jeff’s childhood, the farm was a working cattle farm. As time went on, the cattle were sold, the barn caved in, and the property went back to Mother Nature.

What Do We Do?

Those of us behind Long Ear Rescue want a better future for our long eared friends. Long Ear Rescue’s goal is to ensure every donkey or mule we come into contact with is treated with love and respect. We want to show our community, and the world, how amazing these sweet, stoic animals are.


Thank you so much for your interest in adopting from Long Ear Rescue, Inc.! Here are the steps to our adoption process:
1) Please visit our website to view our adoptable animals.
2) Print and fill out an Adoption Application.

How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

There are at least four ways ANYONE can help Long Ear Rescue:
1. Donate your time and/or money.
2. Adopt one of our animals.
3. Tell your friends about us.
4. Ask Amazon.com to send us a percentage of what you purchase.

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What To Do If….

What To Do If….

If a donkey or mule needs assistance, first and foremost contact your local Animal Control officers if the animal is NOT your animal! Determine if donkey/mule has food, water, shelter, proper fencing. If none of those needs are met, call Animal Control. If you wish to surrender your donkey or mule, reach out to us.

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Donkey Cap

Donkey Cap

$25 plus $5 shipping/handling. Now available in limited supply (One size fits all). To buy, simply use the Buy Now button below....

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Please help by donating whatever amount you can
to our non-profit organization.

We will email you a receipt for your taxes.


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