Our Mission Statement

Advocating love and respect for long ears through education, gingerly (GingerLee) care, and rescue.

Those of us behind Long Ear Rescue want a better future for our long eared friends. Donkeys and mules have been used, and are still being used around the world, for pack animals, riding animals, field workers on farms, livestock protection, and unfortunately many other terrible things. Donkeys and mules don’t garner the same respect and awe as their cousin, the horse, does. We believe there is an international misunderstanding of these wonderful animals. The only way to change that misunderstanding will be through educating the world around us, and the people who are fortunate enough to have these animals in their lives.

Long Ear Rescue’s goal is to ensure every donkey or mule we come into contact with is treated with love and respect. We want to show our community, and the world, how amazing these sweet, stoic animals are.

-Sanctuary care for any donkey or mule that will not be an eligible candidate for Rehoming for various reasons

-Rescue, rehabilitation, and Rehoming of eligible equine.

-Food/veterinary assistance to owners of equines who have a temporary need of assistance provided all male equines are gelded, all equines will be up to date on ALL vaccines (or will become UTD through assistance), will be kept in clean/sanitary conditions with a shelter in proper fencing.

-Education for equine owners who need/request help.

-Community outreach programs- school visits, fundraising events, 4-H club/FFA participation, anything else we come across