Henry was adopted by the Hammett family in January of 2021. This is the same Hammett family who also adopted Moose and Brighty! We have been very successful in converting momma Hammett into a long ear obsessive. Henry is worshipped by the entire Hammett family. Henry spends his days being bossed around by Brighty, and being loved on by the humans in his charge.

Hank and George were adopted by the Quantrille family in October of 2019. These two lucky boys are living their best lives with their horse sister, Trinity, and their mule sister, Rosie. Hank is a cool guy who does his own thing, and George eats anything he can reach.

Two of LER’s farm favorites, Snickers and Roscoe, were adopted by the Thomas family in November of 2020. These two sweet boys are thick as thieves, and love playing with their two human brothers. Snickers and Roscoe spend their days hanging out with their herd of goats, and partaking in morning coffee with their human aunt.

Daisy and Roscoe were adopted by the Gutowski family in February of 2020. The Gutowski family have always loved donkeys, so when they moved to the country, one of the first things they did was adopt Daisy and Roscoe. Daisy and Roscoe have a giant green pasture that they share with a retired Grand Prix star, a retired family favorite show horse, and the resident mini horse. They also have three Labrador brothers who occasionally run through the pasture as well. These two donkeys want for nothing!

Ruthey was adopted by the Henderson family in October of 2020. Ruthey is the apple of her human mother’s eye! We at LER wish every animal on the planet was treated as well as Ruthey is at her home. Ruthey now lives with four other donkeys, a pony, several chickens, and has her very own little human brother who ADORES Ruthey. Ruthey is also quite smitten with her human brother and mother.

Adorable little Teddy was adopted by the Autrey family in April of 2020. Teddy is the star of his barn, and has his own Instagram page! Teddy is charged with keeping the big horses in line, as well as keeping his human grandfather entertained. Fortunately for Teddy, his human dad is also Teddy’s and LER’s farrier.

Grits was adopted by the Jarrell family in September of 2020. Grits was another LER farm favorite due to his sweet personality and easy going attitude. Grits now lives with several horse siblings and gets to go on trail rides when it’s not monsoon season in SC. His human mom and sister adore Grits, even though he tries to eat them out of house and home.

Ringer, now Tomatito, was adopted by the Terol family in October of 2020. Tomatito is living the life of pure indulgence with his new family. Tomatito shares his pasture with his horse sister, Sansa, and is given anything he wants. We’re waiting on the Terol’s to fence in more pasture so we can sneak in another donkey…

Fred was adopted by the McDaniel family in September of 2020. To say that Fred is the king of the farm, would not be an understatement. Fred lives with his donkey brother, Popcorn, and his Connemara pony brother, Squirrel. When Angie and her mother, Sue, came out to the farm to meet the animals, Fred immediately picked Sue as his person. To this day I have never seen anything like it. Fred is treated like royalty, and he enjoys every second of it.

Beau and Duke were adopted by the West family in December of 2019. These two beautiful boys have two human brothers who adore them, and a human mother who would do anything for them. These two guys bonded immediately at LER, and we had a tough time adopting them out because they had to stay together. The West family was sent straight from Heaven because that’s exactly what Beau and Duke needed. Their human mother couldn’t fathom the idea of separating them, and we are so thankful for her. Beau and Duke enjoy being giant pasture pets without a care in the world.

Jasper and Mater were adopted by the Kinsey family in November of 2020. Jasper and Mater were two very large personalities at LER, and they needed to be the center of attention. Fortunately for these two cuties, their human mother fell in love with them, and realized they needed to be the stars at her barn. Jasper and Mater now live with two horse siblings and chickens. The boys are being taught manners when they decide they want to participate in training.

Luna and Ayla were adopted by the Delrossi/Johnson families in February of 2021. Luna and Ayla were only at LER for four days when their human parents met them and fell in love. Luna and Ayla are now living with a donkey sister, a pony brother, and a mule brother. These two fortunate girls hit the donkey jackpot by being adopting by these two families!

Ash, now Kevin, was adopted by the Neely family in February of 2020. I tried to get them to adopt me too, but no luck. Kevin and his donkey brother are the epitome of the word spoiled. Those two donkeys want for nothing, and get away with murder. We are so thankful to the Neely family for providing such an amazing home for Kevin.

Blanche and Kazoo, now Pixie, were adopted by the Plumley family in December of 2020. Blanche came to LER pregnant and gave us LER’s first foal born on LER property! Blanche and Pixie were an extraordinary adoption. The Plumley family lost two of their donkeys within a day of each other, which left their third donkey alone and heartbroken. We have seen donkeys grieve, and it will break your heart. We rushed Blanche and Pixie to their new home ASAP and we are thankful we did. Blanche and Pixie have bonded with their donkey sister and never far away from each other.

Dolly and Tot were adopted by the Brucksch family in January of 2021. Dolly and Tot are two of our favorite ladies. These girls made us work to earn their trust, but once we had it, they became amazing donkeys. Dolly and Tot live with their horse brother, Fergus. Fergus needed a companion as well as another equine to keep him in check. Dolly are Tot are doing amazingly well at the companion part. Dolly and Fergus go back and forth for the top dog position.

Moose was adopted by the Hammett family in September of 2020. Moose was a joint adoption with Brighty, another donkey from a partnering sanctuary. Moose and Brighty arrived at the Hammett’s farm on the same day in September and were buddies from the start. We love the Hammett family. Their first words to us were, “We want the harder-to-adopt donkeys.” Moose was one of the most timid donkeys I’ve ever seen. The Hammetts stepped up for him, and he has been flourishing ever since. Brighty is definitely in charge, but that’s ok with Moose.

Dozer and Stetson came into LER in 2020. Both of these beautiful mules had been work mules their entire lives with the Amish. Dozer and Stetson are amazing animals, but due to their past, were never going to be able to be adopted out. Both of them have major PTSD, and are HUGE animals. We didn’t feel it was the safest option to let a family adopt either Dozer or Stetson. So, instead of adopting them out, we found the next best option for them! Dozer and Stetson are now very happily living at Saltrick Farms, a 501(c)3 equine sanctuary near Walterboro, SC. We are beyond thankful for Margaret and Dan Saltrick. Margaret and Dan are giving Dozer, Stetson, and numerous other equines a beautiful and safe space to live out the remainder of their lives.

Jerry and Zeke were adopted on Christmas Day in 2020 by the Zimmerman family. We wish there were more families like the Zimmerman’s in the world. Jerry and Zeke are both large mules who just needed a retirement home. The Zimmermans just wanted pasture pets they could love on, it didn’t matter what size or age the pasture pets were. Jerry and Zeke are living the life of Reilly. They are doted on, they are fed endless treats, and most importantly, they are loved. Jerry does give the Zimmerman’s a run for their money as he’s always two steps ahead of most humans, but the Zimmermans love that about him.

Opie was adopted by the Todisco family in October of 2020. Opie came to LER with his lifetime companion, Bea. Unfortunately Bea had a terrible degenerative disease in her back end, and we had to euthanize her. Opie’s human mom had just lost her heart horse weeks prior to meeting Opie. Both Opie and his mom needed each other. Opie now has a younger mule sister, Junie, who has helped Opie heal from losing Bea. Opie and Junie are attached at the hip, and both are loved tremendously by their human mom.