President – Andrea Durham

Andrea found a passion for animal rescue years ago when she began fostering (and failing as a foster due to adopting the animals herself) cats and dogs for various rescues within the upstate of South Carolina. During those years, Andrea and Jeff adopted their first two donkeys, Jessie and Ringer. Andrea’s love for donkeys began on day one with those two donkeys. Andrea and her husband Jeff are the proud founders of Long Ear Rescue. Andrea spent as much time as possible in an equestrian barn as a child, and has adored animals ever since. When Andrea isn’t behind the chair as a hairstylist, she’s at their farm with all of their rescue animals and the animals of Long Ear Rescue.

Facilities Director – Jeff Durham

Jeff grew up on the farm that Long Ear Rescue resides on. He had no idea how drastically his life would change when he married Andrea and moved her to the farm. Jeff works full time as the parts coordinator for a local body shop, but his favorite thing in the whole wide world is playing golf. However, Andrea keeps him busy fulfilling his facilities director position by building fences, weed eating the fences, and wrangling animals. When Jeff can’t be found, he’s usually spending time with the couple’s one eyed Pit Bull, Tula, or on his tractor.

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